Transforming Old Bowling Balls into Unique Garden Decor: A DIY Guide

Ever wondered what to do with those old bowling balls collecting dust in your garage? You’re not alone. Many people are searching for creative and practical ways to repurpose these hefty relics.

Don’t rush to toss them out! With a little imagination, your old bowling balls can be transformed into unique pieces of art or handy tools for your garden.

Stay tuned as we share some inventive ways to give your retired bowling balls a new lease on life. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or just looking to declutter, you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy.

Key Takeaways

  • Old bowling balls can be repurposed in multiple ways, helping to reduce waste and declutter your space.
  • Donating to local bowling alleys is a socially responsible solution. It aids bowling alleys and could support community initiatives.
  • Old bowling balls can be transformed into garden sculptures instead of ending up in landfills, offering an innovative and fun DIY project.
  • Creating a DIY Bowling Ball Mosaic is another option, providing an opportunity to upcycle unused bowling balls into personal artwork.
  • Repurposing as outdoor decor is an eco-friendly solution that blends creativity and sustainability, transforming old bowling balls into unique garden embellishments.
  • Each repurposing opportunity encourages mindful use of resources, promotes sustainability, and provides personal satisfaction and environmental benefits.

Old bowling balls can be repurposed into vibrant garden decorations with a bit of creativity and some DIY skills. Little Vintage Cottage showcases how to transform a bowling ball into a ladybug with just paint and some glass beads, providing a colorful addition to any garden. Hometalk demonstrates another method using mosaic tiles to cover the ball, turning it into a stunning gazing ball that sparkles in the sun. Additionally, the DIY Network provides instructions on embedding bowling balls with glass or ceramic pieces to create intricate, weather-resistant garden art.

Donate to a Bowling Alley

If you find yourself with an unneeded collection of old bowling balls, why not consider giving back to the community? Yes, you can donate them to a local bowling alley. It’s a socially responsible way to declutter and it helps to support a local business.

When you donate to a bowling alley, you’re not just disposing of your old equipment. You’re providing them with resources. You’re helping them save funds that they can now allocate towards other important areas, such as improvement of facilities or community outreach initiatives.

Call your nearest bowling alley to make sure they accept donations. Each alley might have its own specific policy about what kind of bowling balls they take. Depending on the alley, they might only accept balls in relatively good condition or those of a certain weight or brand. Always check before you start hauling your collection over there!

Let’s say they do take donations – what happens next? Bowling alleys will assess the condition of the balls to see if they’re usable. Usable balls could find a new home in the lanes, keeping the sport alive for future enthusiasts. Alternatively, if the bowling ball has seen better days and is no longer suitable for the lanes, it could be used for parts to repair other balls.

In the case where a bowling alley is unable to accept your donation, don’t lose heart. There are other sports clubs, schools, or community centers that might be more than happy to take them off your hands.

Remember re-purposing and recycling are key. Giving a second life to your old bowling balls not only helps you keep space in your home but also contributes to less waste in landfills. So, keep local bowling alleys in mind next time you’re considering what to do with your old bowling balls.

Create a Bowling Ball Garden Sculpture

While donating your old bowling balls is a relatively easy and straightforward solution, another creative option exists in transforming these items into eye-catching garden sculptures. When it comes to reimagining a bowling ball, the sky’s the limit! Not only will you reduce waste, but you’ll also add a unique element of decor to your backyard.

DIY Bowling Ball Garden Sculpture is an innovative project that’s been gathering attention from homeowners and gardening enthusiasts. This can be an ideal way to repurpose the bowling balls if they’re no longer fit for use in the bowling alley or by any sporting organization due to their deteriorated condition.

If you’re considering this option, it’s worth noting that transforming a bowling ball into a garden sculpture is easier than it may initially appear. You can use different materials such as mosaic tiles, glass, and paint to decorate the ball, adding an element of personal touch. The final look of your bowling ball statue depends on your creativity and the materials you decide to use.

While creating the garden fixture, remember these following points:

  • Try an outdoor-friendly adhesive for any decorations to endure weather conditions.
  • Apply the heaviest materials first and then fill the gaps with smaller items.
  • Let it dry completely before putting the sculpture in the garden.

The entire process of decorating a bowling ball can be a fun and rewarding activity. With a little creativity, you can convert these old, unused items into a beautiful centerpiece in your garden or backyard.

Notably, this solution of reusing old bowling balls in this way also encourages waste reduction. Instead of disposing of products and leading to more waste in landfills, you are effectively repurposing and giving a second life to something that would otherwise go unused.

Do give this DIY project a try the next time you’re looking to get rid of an old bowling ball. It’ll not only save you a trip to the landfill but also help in beautifying your garden in a unique, personal way.

Make a DIY Bowling Ball Mosaic

How enthralling would it be to breathe new life into an old bowling ball? Better yet, imagine impressing your backyard visitors with a shining, self-made garden sculpture that originally was just an outdated bowling ball. Here’s how you can accomplish exactly that with your all but forgotten bowling ball through a DIY Bowling Ball Mosaic project.

Don’t worry! This project doesn’t require advanced artistry or special skills. The first thing you’d need is a clean bowling ball. Wipe off any dirt and let it dry. Your ‘canvas’ should be spotless for the mosaic materials to adhere correctly.

Next comes the fun part! Time to design your creation. The possibilities are endless. You could aim for a modern look with geometric designs or go for a more traditional mosaic pattern. It’s completely up to you.

Once you’ve planned your design, the real transformation begins. You’ll need mosaic tiles, glass beads, or even old broken china for your design materials. Affix these with adhesive to your bowling ball, following the design you’ve decided upon. Take note – this is not a race. You’ll need patience and precision to make sure each piece fits just right. It’s an exercise in mindfulness as well as creativity.

After your design pieces have been applied and the adhesive has dried, you’ll then apply the grout. Suit up in your old clothes for this – it’s a messy job! Make sure to cover every nook and cranny and then wipe off the excess grout. After about 24 hours, your masterpiece will be fully cured.

As you stand back and appreciate your handiwork, you’ll realize that the outcomes are far more rewarding than anything you’d initially imagined. The smile this creation brings to your face, each time you see it in your garden, will outlast any strike or spare you might have achieved with the original bowling ball. Now, that’s an artful strike! More so, it sends a powerful message about repurposing and sustainability, which everyone can appreciate. So go on, impress your guests with your marvelous DIY Bowling Ball Mosaic.

Repurpose as Outdoor Decor

In a world where sustainability is key, repurposing items is becoming an inspiring and practical trend. Among the various ways to reuse your old bowling balls, transforming them into outdoor decor certainly stands out. With some creativity, you could easily convert these heavy-duty pieces into vibrant, long-lasting garden embellishments.

It all starts with picking a suitable outdoor location. Think about the context and the weather conditions your bowling ball decorations might face. Where can they be most visually appealing?

To the transformation itself. First things first, you’re going to need to clean out the bowling ball. Make sure it’s free from dust, grime, and any old bowling alley reminiscences. This step is essential as it lays the foundation for your decorations. A polished surface ensures better adhesion of decorative materials.

But what materials, you might ask. Well, the options are endless. You can go rustic with small pebbles, go shiny with mirrors, or go colorful with ceramic tiles and glass beads. You can even mix and match to achieve a completely unique design. Ah, the joy of DIY projects!

Next, arrange your chosen materials in a pattern or design that you’re happy with. Once you have your blueprint down, it’s time to attach your materials onto the bowling ball using a strong adhesive. Step back periodically to make sure everything is lining up as you envisioned.

Once you’ve got your materials in place, you’re going to have to make them stay there! For that, you’ll need to use a good quality grout. It fills up the gaps and keeps everything securely in place. Apply it in a thin, even layer to lock in your design.

Lastly, don’t rush things! Let nature do its work and give your masterpiece ample time to dry and cure. Remember, craftsmanship takes time and patience. And there you have it! Your bowling ball is now a radiant work of mosaic art ready to sparkle in your garden.

Such an activity is not just resourceful, but it also gives you a much-needed break from the routine. It’s therapeutic, and the beauty of it is that no two bowling ball decorations will be identical. They will always be a true reflection of your creativity.


So, it’s clear that your old bowling balls have a lot more potential than you might’ve thought. Who knew that these hefty sports items could become stunning outdoor decor? By choosing a prime spot, cleaning the ball, and letting your creativity run wild with pebbles, mirrors, ceramic tiles, or glass beads, you can create a unique garden feature. This DIY project is not just about sustainability or adding a personal touch to your garden. It’s also a therapeutic break from the daily grind. So don’t let those old bowling balls gather dust. Transform them into a masterpiece that’s sure to turn heads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the article about?

The article discusses the trend of repurposing items like bowling balls, into unique outdoor decorations, for sustainability. The process, materials used, and benefits are highlighted.

What materials can be used to decorate the bowling balls?

Pebbles, mirrors, ceramic tiles, and glass beads can be used for decoration. These materials can be arranged creatively to design your piece.

Is it necessary to clean the bowling ball before starting?

Yes, it’s important to clean the bowling ball thoroughly before starting the decoration process to ensure that the adhesive and materials stick properly.

How is the decor attached to the bowling ball?

The materials can be arranged and attached to the bowling ball using an adhesive. Afterwards, grout is applied for stability.

What are the benefits of this DIY project?

Apart from enhancing garden aesthetics, this DIY project provides a creative break from routine. It also contributes to sustainability by repurposing old items.