Creative & Eco-friendly Ways to Dispose of Old Bowling Balls

Ever wondered what to do with an old, worn-out bowling ball? You’re not alone. Disposing of a bowling ball isn’t as straightforward as tossing it in the trash.

In fact, it’s crucial to understand that bowling balls are made from materials that aren’t biodegradable, making them a potential environmental hazard. So, how do you responsibly get rid of that old bowling ball?

Key Takeaways

  • Bowling balls are made from non-biodegradable materials, improper disposal could result in an environmental hazard.
  • Research local recycling options and consult with your area’s recycling guidelines. There are services equipped to handle unusual objects, such as bowling balls.
  • Bowling balls can be donated to bowling centers or thrift stores. Ensure the establishment accepts used inventory before donating.
  • Get creative and repurpose your old bowling ball. Uses vary from garden art to a paperweight or teaching aid in schools.
  • Your old bowling ball can find a new purpose as a garden decoration. Paint, mosaic crafts, or a simple bird bath can all be achieved with an old ball.
  • Always prioritize safety and ensure the bowling ball is in decent state before repurposing or donating.

Finding eco-friendly solutions for disposing of old bowling balls can be challenging due to the materials they’re made from. Medium provides suggestions for recycling or repurposing bowling balls, highlighting the importance of considering the environmental impact. The Reddit bowling community shares various methods members have used, from donation to creative upcycling. Furthermore, eHow offers practical advice on recycling bowling balls, underscoring the difficulty of finding recycling centers that accept them but encouraging persistence in seeking sustainable disposal methods.

Research Local Recycling Options

Have you thought about recycling as a method of bowling ball disposal? Unexpectedly, not all recycling facilities can break down, process, or have a use for an old bowling ball. However, you shouldn’t let this discourage you as there are many recycling services out there that are equipped to handle unusual objects, akin to finding a new purpose for an old piece of carpet and the recycling of glass that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

Your first step should be to consult your area’s local recycling guidelines. Some cities have recycling programs specifically tailored to handle hard-to-recycle items. Contact your local recycling center directly. Speak to them about their policies and your bowling ball dilemma, as if you were inquiring about how to properly recycle a glass container that’s no longer in use.

Increasingly, new partnerships between local waste services and specialist recycling companies are changing the recycling landscape. One of these specialist companies is Earth911. Known for their comprehensive recycling database, your local services should be able to guide you towards centers accepting obscure materials, opening doors to recycling opportunities that you might not have known existed.

A tip: When you interact with these services, make sure to ask specific questions. Is the bowling ball recycled in whole or does it need to be disassembled? Does the center receive the ball directly or do you need to send it to a different location? It’s akin to asking whether a set of old chairs and tables needs refurbishing before it can be donated to a community center.

Your bowling ball is unique in its composition, thus, its recycling process might differ from everyday objects. In the likely event that your local recycling services can’t process your bowling ball, don’t lose hope. Explore alternative recycling options like specialist recycling organizations that might offer mail-in programs. While this option might come with a small packaging and shipping fee, it ensures your bowling ball is responsibly recycled and doesn’t harm the environment, ensuring it doesn’t just end up gathering dust in the corner of a room.

In the table below you’ll find a list of certain specialist recycling organizations:

OrganizationAccepts Bowling BallsMail-in ProgramDetails
TerraCycleYesYesComprehensive recycling solutions for hard-to-recycle waste
Earth911VariesNoDatabase of recycling centers nationwide
FreecycleYesNoOnline community for trading and recycling objects

By researching local recycling options, you contribute to creating green, sustainable solutions to complex disposal concerns like the bowling ball scenario.

Donate to Bowling Centers or Thrift Stores

If recycling centers can’t handle your bowling ball, don’t fret. You’ve still got options. Donation is an excellent alternative to recycling. Bowling centers and thrift stores are two places you can consider giving those unwanted spheres.

Imagine walking into your local bowling alley and bequeathing that sleek, high-performance bowling ball to a grateful establishment. Bowling centers often accept used balls for their patrons’ use or even their youth programs. They are frequently on the hunt for quality gear. Your ball could find a new lease on life in the hands of a budding bowler, putting that meticulously designed core and coverstock to good use on the lanes once more.

When considering donating to a bowling center,

  • Verify whether they accept used balls.
  • Ask if they have specific needs in terms of bowling ball weight or type.

If your local bowling center can’t accommodate your bowling ball, thrift stores are another viable option. Organizations like Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and many local non-profits run thrift stores that happily accept sporting goods. Thrift stores can turn your bowling ball into an opportunity for someone else learning the sport and often allocate the revenue generated by reselling it to fund their charitable activities.

Before donating to thrift stores,

  • Check whether they take in sporting goods.
  • Ensure your bowling ball is in good condition, as many thrift stores can’t repair or service items.
  • Prepare to drop it off in person because many don’t have the resources to collect donated items.

Remember, if your bowling ball is worn out or not longer usable, it’s best to search for recycling opportunities instead of donating. The objective is to keep the ball out of the landfill, contributing to a sustainable solution and extending its life cycle. Prioritizing responsible disposal is key to maintaining the environment and enjoying the sport for generations to come.

Repurpose Your Bowling Ball

If you’ve got an old bowling ball that’s just gathering dust, perhaps due to the depression of no longer being part of the game, it’s worth considering repurposing rather than disposal. A little creativity can give your bowling ball a second life, turning a source of stress into an environmentally conscious way to extend the ball’s use.

Take garden art, for instance. Transforming your bowling ball into a garden sphere can bring a surprising burst of color and uniqueness to your backyard, a creative solution that might just be the therapy you need to combat feelings of being bullied. They’re easy to customize with either high-gloss paint or mosaic tiles. The end product? A uniquely stylish garden sphere that’s weather-resistant and guaranteed to catch the eye, offering a sense of accomplishment and joy.

Expanding your creativity beyond the garden, bowling balls can also morph into other household objects, like a tangible representation of overcoming ADHD’s challenges through focused, creative projects. Ever thought of a bowling ball candle holder or paperweight? It can make quite the conversation starter! Think about drilling holes on the surface and fitting in small candles, turning what was once a source of crying over lost hobbies into a beacon of light and innovation. Or simply use it in its original shape as a sturdy paperweight on your office desk, a symbol of resilience and repurposed energy.

If you’re into crafting, bowling balls can provide interesting opportunities. For example, you could transform them into fancy door stops or even one-of-a-kind table legs! All it takes is a bit of imagination, and your old bowling ball can become an artistic masterpiece. What’s more, repurposing your bowling ball not only showcases your creativity but also contributes positively to the environment by reducing waste.

In local schools, your bowling ball could be repurposed as a teaching aid. Many teachers would appreciate the donation of bowling balls for physics experiments. Handling the ball provides a more tangible demonstration of concepts like mass, force, and inertia.

Keep in mind though, before repurposing, it’s crucial to ensure your bowling ball is in a decent state. Repair any major cracks or chips to avoid accidents especially when repurposing it for handling. Always prioritize safety over aesthetics.

Remember, simply throwing out your bowling ball should be the last resort. Exploring original, DIY solutions or donating for educational purposes are both responsible and rewarding ways to dispose of your old bowling balls.

Reuse as Garden Decoration

Let’s dive into the world of gardening creativity where your old bowling ball, instead of landing in a landfill, becomes a vibrant addition to beautify your garden. It’s a distinctive, environmentally friendly use of a disposed-of item. This practice not only aids in waste reduction but also provides a unique aesthetic appeal.

Bowling balls, thanks to their durability and weather resistance, make brilliant garden decorations. Their robust nature allows them to withstand exposure to weather elements. Look at that old ball. Imagine its glossy surface reflecting sunlight, adding a touch of brilliance to your garden panorama. And you thought it’s of no use!

Try turning your bowling ball into a sparkly garden globe. If you are familiar with mosaic crafts, it’s the perfect way for you to unleash your creativity. You’ll need broken pieces of mirrored or colored glass, mosaic grout, and silicone adhesive. First glass pieces are glued to the ball, and after drying, grout is applied between the pieces. Let it set, and your brand-new garden globe is ready to be placed in your green space.

If mosaic’s not your thing, painting could be a simpler alternative. Paint your bowling ball with non-toxic, weather-resistant colors to create a striking garden sphere. The design could be anything from an abstract mix of splashy hues to a detailed work of art. Don’t strive for perfection. Instead, let your imagination roam.

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, you can even convert your bowling ball into a bird bath. Just attach a shallow dish or sundial stand on its flat side. Fill the dish with water, and there, a tiny restive haven for your feathered visitors.

These delightful garden creations not only perk up your garden scenery but also mirror your eco-consciousness. Your garden space will embrace that pop of multifaceted charm, resonating with your innovative spirit. Transforming an old bowling ball into a garden decor item is truly about repurposing with style—demonstrating a fascinating blend of creativity and commitment to sustainability.


So, you’ve explored the art of repurposing bowling balls, turning what once was waste into something beautiful and sustainable. By transforming them into garden spheres, candle holders, or even bird baths, you’re not only giving these balls a second life but also adding a unique touch to your garden. With their durability and weather resistance, these DIY projects will stand the test of time. Remember, it’s not just about disposal, it’s about making the most out of what you have. So go ahead, get creative with your old bowling balls and let your garden tell a story of sustainability and charm.

What are some creative ideas for repurposing old bowling balls?

Bowling balls can be transformed into fascinating DIY home décor pieces. Some ideas include garden spheres, candle holders, or even bird baths, which not only serve aesthetic purposes but attract wildlife to your garden as well.

Is using bowling balls as garden decorations advantageous?

Absolutely. Bowling balls are an excellent choice for garden decor due to their durability and weather resistance, making them withstand various climate conditions. They make a low maintenance, long-lasting garden feature.

How can I turn my bowling ball into a decorative garden globe?

Transforming your bowling ball into a garden globe can easily be done with mosaic crafts or paint. This do-it-yourself project allows you to create a custom design that best suits your garden’s aesthetic.

Is repurposing old bowling balls environmentally friendly?

Yes. Repurposing old bowling balls is an eco-friendly alternative to disposal. Instead of contributing to landfill, you’re giving the balls a new purpose, thus promoting the idea of reduce, re-use, and recycle.

What’s unique about using repurposed bowling balls for garden decoration?

Repurposed bowling balls offer a distinctive aesthetic appeal to your garden. The options for customization are endless – from paint jobs to mosaics – allowing you to create a piece that not only is environmentally conscious but also adds a unique charm to your outdoor space.